Friday, April 11, 2014

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:: Spring ::

it's nature's way of saying "dress to impress showing less" ;-)  unfortunately in Chicago IL, we always get lulled into thinking spring is upon us all for us to get bombarded with two feet of snow a day later. Regardless though...  it was nice while it lasted, hopefully its a taste of whats to come. I’m dead set on leaving my winter wardrobe in storage, sexy as it may be, I cant wait to slip into my sexier spring and summer outfits!!

speaking of spring and summer outfits-- the spring trends this year i am going crazy for. emereld is the color of the year -- & i am a big teal fan so meh, close enough. i wanted to share all of the trends i am loving (off the shoulders, halters, pastels, etc) && the trends i am hating (loose shorts, peplums, etc) along with trends that have never went out of style in my book (maxis, short shorts, mini dresses, etc!!)

accessories ::

clear clutches = love <3 data-blogger-escaped-td="">

sixties stripes roger vivier blue striped clutch
stripes clutch

favorite dresses ;;

h&m black hm ruffled dress


More Plain, Lounging Dresses:

Hurley Featherweights Mixer Maxi Dress - Women'sDC Convert Dress - Women's

sporty ;;

::  Sweatsuit jumpers -- my two favorite LOVE PINK ones  ::

trends i am so not digging ;;

Dorsel Flats Shoes

Mom Jeans:

any one else loving or hating any of the above items? let me know if i missed any thing !!
Rica x0x


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