Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Cheerleading < 3

I have had a love for cheerleading for almost half my life. When I was younger, my mom wouldn't let me join the tackle football teams so I began loving the cheer leading squads. I learned and memorized all the routines and cheers, and even began making ones up myself. There is a common misconception about us cheerleaders though.

Being a cheerleader isn't just how high you jump, how loud you yell, or how much spirit you have.

Being a cheerleader requires the right attitude, a positive attitude. With all the intensity between squads cheerleaders must have a lot of sportsmanship.

I have it.  Do you?

So last summer I posted an ad on to gather a group of girls for some sports during the summer. I made a local ad in the community section. I got soo many responses! After about two weeks, I had narrowed it down to 8 girls, and we all lived within 20 miles of eachother. The first time we went to Madison Meadows, we ran into another group of girls (oddly enough there were 8 of them too) and we decided to join forces and play together. We did everything from softball to volleyball to football, and especially cheerleading for the boy's baseball and football teams at the Commons & Madison Meadows.

We had an awesome routine & the difficulty level was higher than any other real squad, atleast i thought so hehe =]

This squad is amazing, and I am seeking more routines and cheers.

So if any of my readers have any that they recall from their younger years, let me know pleaseee!!

Thanks ladies!!

Felicia xx

Sunday, January 01, 2012

my very first blog post xx

hello to all my lovelies!

i am so excited to have finally made this blog !!  it has been some thing i have been pondering for a while now, and i finally decided to make my page public and begin sharing my posts w/ all of you! i am brand new to it, so please throw what ever tips you have my way!

this is my little spot where i can express all the thoughts that go on in this noggin' of mine. i'm very vivacious, and most definitely cannot be tamed. What I post is what appeals to me, what I'm going through in life, and just what goes on in this mind. It will be random. It will be fabulous. & I guarantee it will keep you addicted.

as mentioned above, i am new to the blogging world; however, i've been writing all my life. i love to keep records of my life. things i go through, stuff i learn, the various types of people i meet, the multiple jobs i have and how i got them, etc etc. why? because at the end of the year, i just love reading back on it and most of the time i end up saying "wow, i'm so glad i wrote that down because i would have never remembered it." and of course the few times i say "wtf, i was sooo stupiddd!!" lol so let's get to know a little about me & where i live.

first things first - my name. RICA. it's a nickname my boyfriend gave to me because i am puerto RICAn. & i needed something to go by because i don't always like telling people i don't really know or like my real name-- not to mention i really hate my real name. haha ;]

i live in chicago. this city is the best place to be. it has sooo much to offer. i will never love another city as much as i love this one. i am in a serious relationship with my first love, with whom i've been with for six years as of 2010. i love beauty;; make up, hair, clothes, shoes. all of it. i love experimenting with new ideas, and follow a daily skin regimen. i love my jeep liberty, and am obsessed with keeping it clean. i have two pitbulls, a male and female whom i love soooo very much. the male is my big baby and the female is my attack dog ;]

i am very domesticated. i am obsessed with a clean home. i am constantly cleaning. i love the smell of a clean home, and love looking at recently vacuumed carpets. i am also in charge of the finances, and are always on top of them. my credit score is finally one to admire, and i plan to keep it that way.

i'm girly, loving, and everyone tells me im the funniest person they've ever met. i love to laugh but enjoy making others laugh even more. most of the time i'm being a sarcastic asshole, and therefore you should never take what i say to heart. one of the reasons why i am funny is because i relate everything to sex. Sorry can't help having a dirty mind ;]

one thing most people say but don't really mean is how appreciative they are for what they have. i cannot tell you how blessed i feel every day just knowing i am waking up in my own bed, after laying in my boyfriend's arms all night; being surrounded by love; living in a place i call MY home; eating what ever my tummy desires; and being able to walk outside and breathe in the fresh air & soak up that warm sun...all of these things are things i will never EVER take advantage of EVER again. these are things we all must realize can be taken away at a moment's notice, well with no notice at all really, and we all should therefore count our blessings every hour of the day. (funny i see a blog pertaining to this recently... good knowing my ideas spark your posts. lmfao #laughing@you.))

i'm a child abuse awareness advocate-- i feel strongly for helping abused children. I am determined to work as a social worker/advocate/counselor for neglected/abused/confused children as i can relate to what they are going through on more ways than most would ever think.

i enjoy making people feel good about themselves, and pushing confidence back into girls who have lost their self-esteem, whether from a boyfriend or otherwise.

I have a few posts dedicated to information on child abuse awareness, the links are below:

so this is a little   about myself. i would love to read others' blog pages, and learn about you all as well so please don't hesitate to post your blog link as a comment here, and i will share my two cents at my earliest convenience!

thanks dollfaces && i look forward to building my blog site up from the ground up to the stars in the sky.

Rica Marie ... *

xox rica